How to Install LAMP(Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack on Deepin

How to Install LAMP(Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack on Deepin

This guide will Introduce How to install LAMP Stack( Apache Server 2.4, MySQL Server 5.7, PHP 7.2 ) on Deepin Linux.

Note: As these commands are executed with root privileges, so it will ask for user password to continue operations. After you enter password apt will tell you which packages it plans to install and how much extra disk space they'll take up. Press Y and hit ENTER to continue, and the installation will proceed.

Open deepin terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and execute the following commands to install LAMP Stack.

1. Update All Packages.
Make sure all repositories are up-to-date.

2. Install Apache Server

restart apache server

Visit http://localhost or on your favourite web browser to check whether if Apache server is working fine.

3. Install MySQL Server(If not installed)
Follow this complete guide, How to Install MySQL Server 5.7 on Deepin Linux to install MySQL Server if it not installed.

4. Install PHP Modules
Install PHP 7.2 and commonly used PHP modules. (You have to install some additional packages and PHP modules for PHP to work with your applications.)

check the version you have installed.

So you have installed LAMP Stack Successfully. Happy Coding !.